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A Day in the Life of Two Gay Dads Will Melt Your Heart | Video

Gay Star News reports:

The simple pleasures of family life have been captured in a beautiful new video.

The ‘day in the life film’, created by Gays With Kids, a network offering support for gay dads and men considering fatherhood, showcases the average Sunday routine for a New York family, Corey, Rocco and their son Forge.

Capturing the everyday joys of family life, the two-minute video highlights the family’s touching morning routine, a fun-filled trip to Nonna and Grandpa’s house, and tender snuggles with dads and dogs as the day draws to a close.

Brian Rosenberg, CEO of Gays With Kids, told Gay Star News: ‘We want to show the world that although gay dad families may look a little different, they behave much the same way any other family does.

‘A typical day in our lives is no different from a typical day in the lives of most families.

‘As this video shows, our days are filled with endless amounts of love, nurturing and affection for our children.’

Brian explained since posting the video, the Gays With Kids team have received hundreds of messages of love and support, with many gay men saying they now feel inspired to become parents themselves.

Stars of the video, Cory and Rocco said they were astounded by the support they have received from strangers around the world.

‘We chose to take part in this video to showcase how normal our lives are, the joys of being parents and how accepting our family has grown to become,’ they said, in an email to GSN.

‘We hope people will notice the simple joys that come from family. We are so grateful for every minute we have together.’

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