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A Butt For Good

I’ll just hashtag this post #FurryMountains and leave it at that.

Mr Outdoors  shares, “I started @misteroudoors instagram account as a fun thing just for me and it quickly grew into something I didn’t plan or expect. I am glad you enjoy all the photos as much as I enjoy taking them. I really appreciate all the kind words and compliments from all my followers. And while I have a lot of fun adventuring au naturel and documenting it, I figured, especially in today’s political and social climate, it’s time to put this butt to work and hopefully make even the slightest difference… Otherwise, what’s the point?  Many of you asked if you can purchase prints and that’s what inspired me to do this.

Find out how to get your hands on a print and all details here

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50%, yes FIVE OH, of profits goes to an organization of your choice that you get to pick before check out. Which means everyone wins – little enjoyment for you and little help where it’s needed. If you want to learn more about these organizations, donate more or to find out how else you can help just click on the logos above.

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