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KICKSTARTER: A.B. Announces Summer Queer Music Tour Benefitting LGBTQ Mental Health Services

Press Release July/August 2013:

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A.B. Queer Music Tour Summer 2013: Creating a Platform for LGBTQ Talent and Bringing Awareness to Mental Health Issues and Suicide Prevention.

Founder, Mike Enders of the hugely popular website, Accidental Bear, has announced that he and his team will be going on an A.B. Queer Music Tour Summer 2013. They will touch down in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland and New York City and highlighting LGBTQ talent. Dates to be announced.

Headlining the tour will be singers Logan Lynn, Big Dipper, Rica Shay, Darling Gunsel and other high profile LGBTQ acts and upcoming performers as well. Each city will have 4-5 bands play each show with a few extra tricks thrown into the mix for fun such as ‘half time’ fashion show by local queer designers.

R to L Logan Lynn, Big Dipper, Darling Gunsel and Rica Shay
R to L – Logan Lynn, Big Dipper, Darling Gunsel and Rica Shay



2nd Tour Motive:

Bringing much needed awareness to LGBTQ Mental Health Issues and Suicide Prevention.

Mike Enders has always shown  compassion and not shied away from talking and posting about issues pertaining to Mental Health and Suicide among the LGBTQ. It is astounding that there are so many LGBTQ people suffering with mental health issues, without reaching out for help, because of its stigma and ultimately resulting in daily news stories about suicides of members of our community at an alarming rate. Mental health issues need to be talked about and discussed.

We felt like it would be important to pick an organization in each city we play to benefit from tour and all of our hard work. Below are organizations that will be receiving donations from this tour:

LA: Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center / Mental Health Services

SF: The Stonewall Project

Portland, OR: Q Center

NYC: Ali Forney Center (AFC)

There is a large percentage of our community who suffer from debilitating anxiety or depression and the association of those two words with the term ‘mental health’ scare people away from proper treatment and isolating them from their friends and family.

Through this tour Mike ‘Accidental Bear’ has no shame, or problem associating with term Mental Health, and wants to bring the awareness to his LGBTQ brothers and sisters to reach out for help, talk with someone if having mental health issues as easy if you were talking with a friend about having a cold.

This tour is going to be an explosion of entertainment, compassion, information and a physical and mental connection for our LGBTQ brothers, sisters and just as important our straight allies.

Please find out how to help at our KICKSTARTER PAGE and please help out by sharing on your Facebook wall, your Twitter feed and all other social media sites.

We will be creating wallet sized cards and distributing them at all shows with National information/Resources for Mental Health  Services and Suicide Prevention.




We encourage sponsors to consider showcasing their business at the A.B. Queer Music Tour Summer 2013. This would be a fantastic way to show you care about helping a change in the subjects highlighted on this tour, LGBQT artists and bringing much needed attention to LGBTQ Mental Health Issues and Suicide Prevention.

We a currently looking for tour sponsors. For information contact Mike Enders at





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