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95 Year Old Comes Out As Gay


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An Unconventional Love Story


The forthcoming documentary  captures the remarkable love story of Roman and Ruth Blank. A couple whose experience casts a light on the power and complexity of love, marriage, and deeply held family secrets.

ON MY WAY OUT tells the love story of my grandparents, who after 60 years of what appeared to be the model marriage, revealed that they had been keeping a huge secret from our entire family. Last year, my 95 year old grandfather came clean and revealed to our family that he has been living his entire adult life as a closeted gay man – and Nani has known since giving birth to their second, and final child (my mother.)

As Holocaust survivors who tragically lost family members, their lives have been filled with darkness. But somehow, their remarkable spirits allowed them to persevere and “succeed” in America. Ultimately, OMWO connects with the core values with what makes us human beings, the need and desire to love and be loved.

Davey Wavey chats with Roman in an endearing one on one video interview. Watch below.

Video by wickydkewl

Get updates from the documentary about Roman’s story HERE
Website about Roman’s story HERE

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