8 Nude Men, Smeared in Flavoured Jelly, Test Their Strength Wrestling: Flavour Wrestling for HIV Testing

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There are a million way to talk about HIV and the importance of knowing our status. But nude wrestling may be my favorite!

Eight men, smeared in differently flavoured Jelly, test their strength in nude wrestling. What flavour do you prefer? Time to get tested!
RFSL Göteborg (The Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights, Gothenburg branch) has produced this video to promote HIV testing for men who have sex with men. Read more at testa.wf



  1. There’s only ONE problem with the video. The message however is EXCELLENT. My only problem is that by the year 2015 which is coming up VERY quickly, more than 50% of men living with HIV will be OVER 50, **NOT** in their 20’s or 30’s. You need to incorporate older men into that wrestling video. HIV prevention isn’t just for the young and cute!!

    1. The significance of the video was not to show young cute guys naked, but to grab your attention by using young cute guys to show you that the frosting they were covered in gets on everyone like the phrase “when you sleep with someone you’re sleeping with everyone they’ve slept with”

      Men in their 50’s and older would not grab the attention those guys have to be able to convey the message.

      1. Then you are speaking to only the younger men. Unfortunately our culture worships youth and throws God and man out the window for a glimpse of a young naked body. This is what we have been SATURATED with and told to like, told that its the only thing worthwhile and to that end it is only logical that the message can only be conveyed by using young naked men. You have indeed proven my point. You have already assumed that by using older men that the message would not be conveyed as effectively.

        1. I’m not sure it is safe for men 50 and older covered in anything wrestling and throwing each other like that, they could get more seriously injured than someone younger. Not to mention anyone knows men and woman young or old can contract HIV however it is on the rise in the younger community. Also what does God have to do with any of this? A good little Christian can get HIV just as quick as someone who is of other religions. And there are other people in the world who are of other religions so why even bring that up when the subject is irreverent? Makes you no better, rather worse than, them not including older men in this.

          1. I find it AMAZING that you took the word GOD and ranted about it and forgot the crux of what I am saying..Men over 50 can indeed throw each other around and not get hurt. IF you are in shape your age doesn’t matter. You sound like a real ageist and a bigot against older guys. I also would bet that a guy in his 50’s AND beyond could kick the crap out of a young guy in real life. I have seen it and when I was called a fag, I have DONE it to a 20 something who thought I would run away. Since the video was “play” wrestling I doubt that anything serious would happen to the older guy. I don’t know where you get your statistics from but in 2015 the MAJORITY of HIV cases will be in men OVER 50, NOT the young ones.. CHECK YOUR FACTS with the CDC. I work WITH the state and local health departments and we get our numbers from the CDC. Where do you get yours bud?

          2. Id rethink that men over 50 cant wrestle. trust me I have thrown a few good 2200 pounder around on the matt an din the bedroom. not all 20 or 30 somethings can say the same thing.

        2. Actually half of what I said was about the age thing and half was about the god thing. So it was quite equal. I’m not an ageist in no way, so do yourself a favor and do not try to assume you know anything about me. I find many men 40 and up attractive just so you know(Johnny Depp 50, Brad Pitt 49, Daniel Day-Lewis 56, Bruce Willis 58, Maxwell Caulfield 54, and to name a few 60 OR MORE Harrison Ford, Liam Neeson, Richard Gere, Pierce Brosnan. I also know that some of those men can hold their own. I NEVER said they could not. I said I was not sure it would be safe those men(trying to show concern hello!) and that they COULD(not WOULD meaning possibility) get more seriously injured not that point blank they would. It is a common fact that as we age bones get more brittle and healing takes more time. That was all so don’t jump the gun on me you do not know me sir. You do not know a thing about me. I did also mention the god thing which I thought was dumb to bring up in the first place. As far as my FACTS of HIV is on the rise in the younger men comes from the CDC website. And mind you I said those cases are on the rise not that they are the most percentage. You however are going by the year 2015 which is a year and a month away. Yours is also just a prediction, which could be very false if many of the talked about cures that are in the works hit the market and people start taking them. Here is a link to the fact sheets provided by the CDC which states “The estimated number of new HIV infections was greatest among MSM in the youngest age group. In 2010, the greatest number of new HIV infections (4,800) among MSM occurred in young black/African American MSM aged 13–24. Young black MSM accounted for 45% of new HIV infections among black MSM and 55% of new HIV infections among young MSM overall” http://www.cdc.gov/hiv/pdf/statistics_basics_factsheet.pdf
          So that just busts up what you think you know about me, I find many men advanced in age hot after all men are like a fine wine they take many years to mature. And the CDC itself facts backing young males having sex with males are 55% of new HIV cases is what I was going by. You can say that due to the dates it could have changed and that is a possibility, a very slim one. I am sure if the accounts had changed dramatically the info would have been updated since at the top of the page the date is Feb. 2013. So until you show me yours, your facts I mean, I seem to be the one correct. Good day to you sir

          1. I understood what you were trying to convey Jiz. Some people just got a boot up their ass about something! They feel if you do not agree with them fully you are against them fully. Too foolish to try and see the other side. Peace N Love everyone and be happy there was an awareness video done at all!

          2. Since YOU mentioned Black men. WHERE WERE THEY in the Video? Latino men? Asian men? Native American men? I will not be responding to you any more after this. You’re not worth my time or energy. Guys like you give the rest of us a bad name! End of story so you come back and say whatever you like. Guys like you need to get the last word in. It makes you feel more important. LOL! Maybe you should work for a health dept. Those of your ilk fit right in. OVER AND OUT!

        3. Good Jim don’t reply back because again you did nothing but whine and point fingers. I showed proof to back what I said and you did not. Your ass is just mad because you are not right and that is sad. Learn when to admit you are not right. I never brought up black men I was using the quote from the CDC which just happened to include black men in an example. WTF is your malfunction? I do not need to get the last word in you dumb fuck! I was told by you that I was an ageist and that is an insult to me so I defended myself. You also said that you know facts about this and that because of where you work and asked where do I get my info and I supplied that. It was not about the last word but to show that I know what I am talking about. Oh and by the way about “Since YOU mentioned Black men. WHERE WERE THEY in the Video? Latino men? Asian men? Native American men?” Which again I quoted a full quote not actually bringing them into it if you did not READ the video description this was done by the Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights, Gothenburg branch so there are not many of those men in Sweden you moron. So next time when you do not have anything useful or intelligent to bring to the conversation but instead just insult someone you do not know when they did not insult you first just because you are wrong. You are what is wrong with the community, when someone brings something new to the table or their opinion which is different than yours you jump to assumptions and conclusions about that person and insult them instead of having intelligent conversations and when they fire back once more you say they just need the last word yada yada yada when in fact it is you. So again good day sir.

          1. To say that there are few blacks, asians, Indians, etc in Sweden is a grave error indeed. There are many and visible minorities in Sweden – certainly in Gothenburg and Stockholm. Sweden has a relevant history of asylum and immigration, that is often controversial. It is a mistake not to include other nationalities in the video. The myth of all blond, all viking is just that – a myth.
            Signed a Canadian living, working and doing well in Sweden.

          2. Percentage of ethnic groups in Sweden: Swedish 89.3%; Finnish & Sami 3%; Yugoslav 0.8%; Iranian 0.6%; other 6.3% Then you have to think how many of those in each group would even want to participate in this video. Good gods you people are stupid! Everyone wants to gang bang that one Jiz person and mostly with incorrect knowledge! LMAO Look up the facts before you speak! Because according to the Census Swedish and Finnish would make up the largest amounts Just sayin Kevin.
            Signed a Scandinavian living, working, and doing well where ever I go.

          3. Why do you feel it necessary to call people stupid?
            Why reduce a discussion to name calling?
            Through out Sweden – Swedes are the majority – no one is disputing the fact.
            I think it plausible to state that you will find higher concentrations of gay males in Stockholm, Gothenburg etc … gay cultural minorities are also willing and able to have themselves represented if given the chance… etc.
            Please do not suggest that if you are a minority and therefore your culture is different than ‘white Sweden’ gays you are in the closet or other fear reasons and do not want to represented.
            I for one would have welcomed the opportunity of being asked to participate.
            I think the video is interesting and in some ways provocative but also promotes the stereotype. Of course you can agree or disagree, but it would be a grave error to call me stupid or ignorant in the process.

    1. Hopefully it is a fundraising vehicle for a worthy HIV/AIDS education or care charity – and not just promotional hype for someone’s line of videos.

    2. I don’t see the message or the relation between HIV to this video at all. Looks more like an ad for paper towels to me.

  2. I do think this is a great method to get the message out. It is still quite sad that now 25 years later men are not getting themselves routinely tested when sexually active. Yes there will be a increase by 2015 but remember the bulk of these men probably would have contracted the virus in the 80’s and early 90’s when testing was long and there was not a hassle free clinic to go to anonymously.

    I think the vid would have been great to participate in.

    1. If this is the same “John” that replied to my comment:
      “Id rethink that men over 50 cant wrestle. trust me I have thrown a few good 2200 pounder around on the matt an din the bedroom. not all 20 or 30 somethings can say the same thing.”

      Fist I just want you to read what you typed there is not anyone who is a “2200 pounder” that’s ridiculous.

      Second reread what I typed! I never, NEVER said that men over 50 can’t wrestle. I merely stated they could get more seriously injured. Meaning it is a possibility but not always going to happen.

      Third as for not all 20 or 30 somethings can say the same thing well of course not but nor can all 50s either. We are not all the same. Who knows how these men were even picked maybe no one signed up/auditioned who was 50 IDK.

      If this was not the same John oh well it didnt have a reply button on the other comment so whatever at least I said what I needed to on here to that messed up reply to me which took what i said out of context, put words in my mouth, and spoke of irrelevant things.

  3. I’m all in favor of the wrestling, just the addition of a food product kinda gross me out. I don’t even like getting jelly on my hands when I make a sandwich. 😀

    Also while I do see the point, HIV infection does not pass as easily from one person to another as does jelly from one smeared hand to another.

  4. Hey Mike,

    Thanks for posting this, then capped by Manhunt Daily.

    Your friends from SF and MikeyTom Market

    Pete and Michael (Pete’s ex)

  5. In Sweden we don’t divide our population into “races.”

    Sweden does demographic statistics more so than ethnicity statistics.

    All information is taken from Sweden’s Statistics Database which has very long links that I won’t bother posting.


    Demographics of Sweden in 2007
    1,592,376 of foreign descent
    7,590,551 of Swedish descent

    So 17.3% were of foreign descent in Sweden 2007.

    Demographics of Stockholm (note that this is Stockholm county, as opposed to Stockholm the municipality (which is much smaller)) in 2007
    512,872 of foreign descent
    1,436,644 of Swedish descent

    So 26,3% were of foreign descent in Stockholm 2007.

    Definition: They call someone of Swedish descent when they are born to Swedish citizens. Foreign descent if they are non-Swedish citizens or born in Sweden to non-Swedish citizens.

    (So for naturalised immigrants their children would not be counted as being of foreign descent. That’s important to keep in mind.) I’ve heard estimates of 22% of Sweden’s population being of recent “foreign descent” and that sounds more correct.)

    1,281,581 in 2008
    out of 9,256,347

    So 13.8% of Sweden’s population is born overseas.

    out of 1,981,263 people

    So 20.2% of Stockholm’s population is born overseas.

    Now, what information you can find regarding “ethnic origin” is where these foreign-born people are from…

    Go to the link I put in the source.

    Click 2008 as an option and click a country (I’m sure you’ll be able to figure out what they are in English.) Then you can see how many people born in that country reside in Sweden.

    Elsewhere there are also statistics on foreign citizens in Sweden. Look around this website.

    The Swedish government does not do ethno-graphic studies, though. So it’ll be nearly impossible to find the information you are looking for.

    Hope that helps a bit.

    1. o
      /\ This is everyone not giving a shit. “Boring damned people. All over the earth. Propagating more boring damned people. What a horror show. The earth swarmed with them.”

  6. hmmm intresting link that a fellow bearwww collegue sent me..
    didn’t see any hiv/relationship there with the slippery sweetness of food products over there bodys..
    horny blokes however I really don’t think that they were GAY men ..
    as Gay guys would obviously get aroused with that amount of body contact especially if naked ..all stiffed up! they must have really advertised well to not attract bi-guys either..
    hmm 100% hetro.. didn’t think they existed the amount of bi’s around & mens toilets having holes n walls so my hubby tells me 😀 lol wish I were the referee … ide defo b stiff LOL

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