Naked Hairy Hunk Stretches, Nothing Left Up to the Imagination: NSFW



Carl Vanassche9


KALTBLUT MAGAZINE: Carl Vanassche is an inspired photographer who loves clear lines and shapes. He creates strong and beautiful photographs using as little clothes as possible and plane backgrounds, so that the nude body and it’s natural lines prevail. Till now he’s had several exhibitions (November 2012 Barcelona in Gallery Antinous, December 2012 Amsterdam in Gallery Vrolijk, May 2013 Paris in Gallery Myriam Bouagal).

Source: Sissydude
flickr photosets

Carl Vanassche10

Carl Vanassche15

Carl Vanassche14

Carl Vanassche13

Carl Vanassche12

Carl Vanassche11

Carl Vanassche1

Carl Vanassche6

Carl Vanassche7

Carl Vanassche5 Carl Vanassche4 Carl Vanassche



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  1. Corey Ouellet said:

    Such beauty… Superb expression of peace in male form.

    Thank you,


  2. David Greybeard said:

    What a stunning looking young man. I wish I had one just like him.

  3. Uncle Stabby said:

    He’s going to be really glad to have these pictures one day. I wish I had done more photography when I was in my prime.

  4. Bryan said:

    Angelic face, pure, alabaster skin, dark hair, beautiful beard, and smooth chest but hairy legs. I am in love.

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  7. dbe said:

    I don’t get it. Looks Orthodox (but uncut). Says bear (almost hairless body). Stupid.

  8. Alain said:

    Très joli photo, très beau mec mais j’ai juste un regret c’est ça barbe et trop de poil sur certaine partie du corps que j’enlèverais pour laisser apparaître son beau visage et son joli cul

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