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3 Straight Dudes Music Video About Gay Rights: Lido Beach – “You Don’t Know Me”

The “You Don’t Know Me” video/song addresses the “moral” majority’s abhorrent stance on same sex marriage. We as a band are disgusted that anyone feels this way towards a group of consenting adults, and we as a band will fight intolerance forever. Let us know what you think of the video, and NEVER stand for legalized hate.

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA ¾ Los Angeles-based rock band Lido Beach released a music video for their song entitled “You Don’t Know Me.” Co-Directors Ben Gutierrez and Scott Waldman used archival news footage of some of the most vocal gay rights opponents like Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann and members of the Westboro Baptist Church — and paired those images with rebutting song lyrics.


The song was inspired by a video of Mitt Romney telling a gay Vietnam Veteran that he doesn’t support same-sex marriage, Gutierrez and Waldman opened the video with that clip. While bandmates Scott Waldman, Abe Gearig, and Gaku Murata are heterosexual, they consider themselves advocates for human rights.


Front man, Scott Waldman says: “Our video addresses the backwards and often hateful opponents of same-sex marriage. We watched as people in positions of power and influence spread ignorance and hatred so we decided as a band to use our platform to say something. After we saw the finished video it felt more like we screamed back. It felt good. We will fight intolerance forever.”


“You Don’t Know Me” is Lido Beach’s first music video to take a serious tone; the band’s previous videos are comedic and light hearted.


“You Don’t Know Me” is featured on Lido Beach’s latest EP, “Social Climbing,” and the video can be viewed on the bands YouTube channel:

Directed by Ben Gutierrez and Scott Waldman

Written and performed by Lido Beach

Featured on the EP “Social Climbing”

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