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SICK! is the Beard Filled Pilot of a New Comedy Series Created for MTV Australia: Video

SICK! is the Pilot Episode of a new Comedy Series created for MTV Australia.

SICK! is the story of an Australian man trapped in Quarantine with a deadly infectious disease. From within hospital, he does his best to live some form of a normal life, re-uniting with his estranged brother Conrad, and entering a fantasy world within his computer. He creates Youtube Rap videos and fights to destroy all forms of evil online… using hip hop, hadoukens and mic-sabers.

You may recognize Christiaan Van Vuuren as The Fully Sick Rapper and his outlandish Youtube videos where in “Dec 11 2009: He is diagnosed with TB, and placed in Isolation at a hospital in Sydney Australia. He begins to lose marbles, realises that he is fully sick, and releases first fully sick rap song “I’m not sick, but I’m sick sick”…. THe Fully Sick Rapper is born. His street cred in the gangster rap community begins to rise, as this first stint of hard time puts FSR in the same category as other previously incarcerated rappers like 50 Cent, 2-pac, M&Ms, Lil Wayne, Snoop, DMX, Mob Deep, Dr Dre, Jadakiss, Lil’Kim, T(G)I…(F), Trick Daddy, Pimp C, Trick Daddy, P Mummy, Mystikal (with a k), X to the Z, and Mike Tyson.”

Warning you WILL fall in love with Christiaan Van Vuuren, Connor Van Vuuren & Nick Boshier.





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