Listen to Frank Ocean’s New Song “Chanel”

Take a good listen. Pitchfork reports: Frank Ocean has always found comfort in uncertainty, in the grey spaceswhere opposing forces blur and rob us of easy answers. He has a rare gift for connecting the emotional and experiential dots, for understanding and empathizing. On “Chanel,” his new surprise release, Ocean showcases this talent in a song that is a […]


Strangers Photograph Each Other Naked In Berlin (NSFW)

“Daily Portrait IV Berlin 2015-2017: A project by Martin Gabriel Pavel and Marek Kučera. One camera and 381 Berliners. I photographed Elle in her apartment. I gave to her my camera and she took a photo of M in her apartment next day. M photographed Jonathan and Jonathan photographed Carise and Carise photographed Christoph and […]