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“Pretty Popular” Podcast Hosted by Mike Enders | Ep. 1 Guest – Singer George Alley

Founder of AXXIDENTAL Zine , Mike Enders / @cantpolishaturd on Instagram, launches Podcast called “Pretty, Popular.” Raw and entertaining Episode #1 just posted to Soundcloud today. Guest George Alley talks about music, new video, thoughts on gender conformity and much more. Enders describes his new podcast as, “DIY, chaos, stoopid, nonsense, you’re not the boss of me, or my guests!” #newpodcast#MikeEnders #interview#PrettyPopularPodcast #humor #comedy#NSFW #Adultfun #PrettyPopularPeople Enders says, “Singer/artist […]


High Skin Fade with Hard Side Part | Beardbrand Video

“Hats off to Davide over at Cut and Grind for mastering this extremely technical skin fade, hard parted, high top haircut. He free-hands the initial line for the skin fade, then tapers it into the high-top shape. He then goes over the exposed skin with an electric razor to get a nice, crisp shave. Finally, […]