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63-Year-Old Fashion Blogger Slays All The Stereotypes #SmartSexyStrongSilver

Wait, her blog is called Accidental Icon? Great name! <wink> Lyn Slater, a university professor and social worker, named her blog Accidental Icon after paparazzi mistook her for a celebrity on the streets of New York City. Slater happened to be meeting a friend outside a fashion show two years ago, dressed in her usual sleek style, when “all of […]


Levi’s® Skateboarding l Spring 2017 Collection Levi’s® Video

The Levi’s® Skateboarding Spring / Summer 2017 collection showcased via high energy skate action across the city of Detroit. To find out more visit Detroit has long been known as a hardworking city, defined by its productivity from motorcars to Motown music. Now the creative community is revitalizing their city and bringing new energy […]


Wan Hung Fall/Winter 2017

“Wan Hung makes his formal debut at London Fashion Week Mens with a live presentation with digital elements on-schedule with The British Fashion Council. Continuing to be inspired by his native Hainan island in China, this season focusses on the nostalgia and fond memories of the uniquely Hainanese Chinese New Year celebrations of traditional Chinese Tang […]

Fashion Queer News

Vivienne Westwood Reveals How You Can Save the Planet

Dazed reports — A few weeks ago, Vivienne Westwood appeared in the back window of a double-decker bus parked up by the Thames. Her son Joe Corré had just set light to his collection of punk memorabilia on a floating barge (reportedly worth a figure in the region of £3m) and Westwood seized the opportunity to capture the attention of […]

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“THE LURE” – A Mermaid Horror Musical Comedy

        Nothing strange going on here. Move along… Dazed  reports — On January 9, 1493, Christopher Columbus saw mermaids on a voyage sailing near the Dominican Republic. He jotted down that they were “not half as beautiful as they are painted.” In reality, the Italian explorer spotted a couple of tubby manatees. Mermaids have been […]