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2013 Brooklyn Artists Ball : Watch Video


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by Dion Tan, Vanessa Yurkevich at


As usual, the Brooklyn Artists Ball was a good time. The highlight — also as usual — was the custom table dressings from a crew of invited artists, providing arty conversation starters for attendees at the 16 long tables in the museum’s vast ballroom. There were plenty of favorites: street art duo FAILE’s set up, which involved a series of colorful prayer wheels in their signature pop art style; Joey Frank’s oddball centerpiece that involved a model train with a plastic finger on it, circling endlessly; and Emily Noelle Lambert‘s gawky constructions made from nautical buoys, which towered over guests as they dined on lamb medallions and polenta cakes.

“I started to think about what is the significance of a ball… and the significance for me is that each person sitting at dinner is helping to keep the doors open,” gala artist José Parlá told ARTINFO, explaining his table-top installation “El espíritu burlón,” which consisted of an array of child-like gifts, amassed as if they were religious offerings. “Every part of the table is a very special dedication that is formed of fruits, flowers, and toys and candies.” Read More

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