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Polio Surviving Transvestite, Goddess Bunny, Lip-Synching to Berlin Based Supergroup Tenderloin

Polio Surviving Transvestite, Goddess Bunny, Lip-Synching to Berlin Based Supergroup Tenderloin

Now that title is a mouth full and the video below is a mindful! In order to enjoy, you will need some compassion and a sense of humor. Tenderloin is an art-rock-cum-krautrock band with Vaginal Creme Davis, Joel Gibb (of Hidden Cameras fame) and 19-year-old Dagmar Hofpfisterei, the daughter of Christiane F. (the most famous heroin addict in

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A Scruffy Gerard Butler Visits Doctor & Possibly Signed on for Manhunt

You wish it were the Manhunt that you all were thinking, then we would lose all of you right now as you login into Manhunt and activate your profile that you turned off after a disgruntled trick. The Manhunt that Gerard Butler has possibly signed on to is a movie thriller titled Manhunt.   Just Jared

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Robbie Williams Gets Some Daddy Tips as He Bonds with Children on UNICEF Mexico Trip

Practice makes perfect! Robbie Williams bonds with children in Mexico City as part of a UNICEF trip ahead of the birth of his baby later this year. We know how badly for him to be gay, but he just isn’t men. He only announced he is to be a first time father three weeks ago. But


Hair Ball of the Day: Ginger Carpet Matches the Drapes

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Chris Evans ‘Embarrassed and Heartbroken’ By Marriage Inequality

  Just one more reason to make Chris Evans your favorite screen savor. Evans has been a consistent supporter of gay equality and inconceivable beauty! Actor Chris Evans has said he finds the inequality in marriage rights between gay and straight couples ‘embarrassing’, and predicted that in ten years society will look back ‘ashamed’. He was

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New Music: Meet NYC’s Electronic/Alt-Pop Musician KOORTWAH “Candy in the Sun” (Video)

  Meet KOORTWAH! We are excited to be interviewing him soon , but now feast on his new music video below for his song Candy in the Sun: Jake was born somewhere far to the North, under the soft guidance of Aurora Borealis, and swiftly blanketed in snow. Many moons later, after a daring escape from


Hunger Games’ Josh Hutcherson Opens Up on Gay Rights: “I Had Two Uncles Die From AIDS”

Straight But Not Narrow Josh Hutcherson will be become the youngest recipient of the Vanguard Award at the GLAAD Media Awards in Los Angeles. Talk about a role model! Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson had two uncles he never got to know. Both men were gay and died from AIDS during the height of the epidemic… “They were in their early thirties,

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Today is the Day of Silence, When Young People Silently Protest the Mistreatment and Stigmatization of LGBT Youth in Schools

Today is the Day of Silence, when young people silently protest the mistreatment and stigmatization of LGBT youth in schools across the country.