2012 Joy Division Capsule Collection Created for Museum Neu

Shibuya brand is so deeply entrenched in the musical culture that it has prompted the label to look beyond the constrains of its own in-house brand. Teaming up with fellow Japanese designer, Kazuki Kuraishi, the latest from  museum neu sees the team creating a capsule that will take some of you down memory lane. The English rock band Joy Division is the inspiration for new capsule.

“Drawing upon the  gloomy angst found within Joy Division’s lyrical content and specifically their 1980s anthem, “Love Will Tear Us Apart,” Kuraishi went to work on a trio of T-shirt that feature monochromatic imagery pulled from TJ Davidson’s rehearsal room in Manchester, circa 1979. Elsewhere, Unknown Pleasures influences trace their way to a custom black-and-white pillow as well as a jacket interpretation.” VIA

The entire museum neu x Kazuki Kuraishi Joy Division Capsule Collection is now offered through online store in limited quantities.

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