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100% Compostable Workwear F-abric by Freitag



Is this what’s next?

Durable, 100% compostable and sustainably produced textiles. Developed by the Swiss company Freitag.

“F-ABRIC will biodegrade completely within around a couple of months if you throw it on the compost. All it takes to let it rot in heaven without leaving residues is a damp, warm compost heap – and a little help from the busy inhabitants of the pile.”

“To make this possible, we had to develop from natural materials not only the fabrics but also theselvage,theshirtbuttonsaswellasthelabel.Totop it all, by contrast to industry standards, FREITAG even uses a biodegradable sewing thread. The single exception: the pants button. For a long time we searched in vain for a resilient biodegradable but- ton. Now the F-button is made of metal – and thanks to the self-developed screw-cap (patent pending!), it can be used for ever and ever on all pants.”

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