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10 Yr Old Hangs Herself, Takes Last Breath in Mothers Arm: Bullying

Bullied to death. Devastating does not begin to  scratch the surface. I ask you to take a minute and think back at what you were doing when you were 10 years old. Put yourself in the mind state that you had. Now think about Jasmine McClain, 10 year young girl, that just hung herself after being bullied at school and on the web. Doesn’t comprehend. This is NOT okay!



A ten-year-old took her own life in her bedroom after allegedly being bulled at school.

Jasmine McClain was found hanged by her mother Samantha West at their home in Chadbourn, North Carolina on Monday evening.

Ms West said: ‘She was just such a loving child. I just lost it because she took her last breath in my arms.’

Ms West described her young daughter as ‘sweet and fun-loving’ and said she was unaware that Jasmine was so tormented by bullying at her local elementary school.

Ms West told local TV station WRAL-TV: ‘It’s a shame that kids are that cruel.’

Chadbourn Police Chief Steven Shaw ruled the death a suicide but his investigation lead him to Facebook where comments had been posted by Jasmine’s classmates that she had been targeted.

Chief Shaw said: ‘Children started coming forward and making accusations that she was bullied – and bullied bad – in school.’

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