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1 Gay Person is Killed Every 24 hours in Brazil

Protesters gather in São Paulo to rally against antigay attacks., Nacho Doce, Reuters / Landov

The overall crime rate is falling sharply in Brazil, but “murders of gays and lesbians are on the rise,” the Daily Beast’s Kristian Jebsen reports. “Attacks against gays have climbed steadily for most of the last decade, with 272 murdered in 2011—one every 36 hours, according to Grupo Gay da Bahía, a leading gay-rights group that tracks antigay violence. This year, GGB reports, it’s even worse, with 75 murders in just the first 10 weeks. That’s one every 24 hours.” The increasing violence may be the result of the growing visibility of the LGBT rights movement and legislators have offered legislation on the national and local levels to stem the bloodshed. Brazil is considered one of the most LGBT-friendly countries in South America, offering marriage equality, open military service, and gender-reassignment surgery “as part of the country’s national health service.” VIA

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